Coco Husk Chips Blocks


Nature Coir Pithplus Coconut Husks are cut into a size of 1cm to 3cm sizes of tolerance +/- 10%. These Husk Chips are ideal for growing Orchids, Bromeliads,  etc. Coco Chips made by Coconut husk into cube-shaped pieces and available in 100% compressed 5Kg bales, Cut fibre + Chips mix 5Kg bales and 25Kg Chips lose bags.

Product Code : NAPP-06


  • Moisture content – 15% to 18%
  • Sieved between 1mm and 6mm sieve particles below 1mm rejected


  • Potting mixes where higher areation is required for the plants, creation of various types of folk art items including masks, simple but decorative boxes, and even imaginative picture frames.

Different Sizes

  • Large Chips
  • Medium Chips
  • Small Chips
  • Shredded Husk Crush